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Investments provides the lucrative opportunity to invest into the Coinmx bitcoin reserve and share in the profit that the mixer makes. This is no risk in this investment as you can not lose your coins - the mixer will just use your bitcoins to mix other transactions. If you have any questions regarding investments or have any other questions feel free to use our contact form or email us to .

How much I need to invest?

The minimum amount of accepted investment is 0.01BTC and there is no maximum. You will earn 90% of the total CoinMx profit it makes of your share. For example - if you invest 10BTC and total invested amount in CoinMx is 100BTC, you will earn coinmx profit * 10 / 100 * 0.9 to sum up coinmx profit * 0.09 from every mixing transaction made in CoinMx.Io.